Why Choose Us

Convenient, Comfortable Care

Your child gets high-quality care right in their school building, where they feel safe and comfortable.

Experienced Leadership & Staff

Top-notch staff and dedicated, experienced leadership guide your child’s care, fun, and learning every day.

Social-Emotional Support

Your child gets the social-emotional support and guidance they need to thrive in school and in the future.

Exciting Learning Activities

Teachers reinforce the school curriculum with exciting learning activities that go far beyond the textbooks.

Daily Fun In The Gym

Rain or shine, your child can blow off steam with activities they choose in the fully-equipped gym.

Awesome Outdoor Adventures

The great outdoors awaits with sports, games, nature walks in the wooded grove, and relaxation on the grass.

Regular Communication

Your child’s teachers communicate with you and their schoolteacher to ensure a consistent care experience.

Clean, Safe & Secure

Daily custodial cleanings, strict Covid protocols, and a secure school building protect your child’s well-being.

How Old Is Your Child?

Kindergarten Before & After School Program

3.5 - 6 years

School Age Before & After School Program

6 - 12 years

Summer Camp

3.5 - 6 years

School Age
Summer Camp

6 - 12 years